Accountability Partners



Accountability Partners

Let's be honest, working out and nutrition play equal roles in fitness and health goals but, let's talk about a game changer that we all can incorporate. Whether you are training for a competition, prepping for the big wedding dress, working to drop a few pounds, conditioning for a marathon, or simply working out to maintain and feel fabulous, an accountability partner will push you harder than you would ever push yourself alone.

Some of my best workouts and biggest fitness goals have been achieved with that one accountability partner or group of girls. We keep each other motivated, focused, and no missing gym sessions because you agreed you would show up. Even at 4 am! Plus reaching those goals together makes the journey... So. Much. Sweeter! Which is exactly why VINOfit by Tyra was created but, I digress. 

From early morning “Rise and Grind” workouts to mid-day “STAY STRONG” text messages (i.e get away from the cookie after lunch), to leg day memes laughing at how sore we are, to laughing at each other when the burn gets real….. WE make a difference to each other, together. 

Here are a few solid points of why an accountability partner is the go-to game changer in your fitness journey. 


  • More motivation to work out.

Again, your workout partner will motivate you even on the hardest days to the toughest workouts simply by working out together. When you are not feeling the most excited about the workout she brings the energy and you do the same when she is just not feeling it.

  • You will work harder.  

Workout partners will push you harder than you will push yourself. When you feel you can not possibly do another set, you see homegirl over there drench in sweat, breathing hard and leaving it all on the treadmill, so you work just as hard because you believe you can push the same. Even research shows from several studies, that working out with a partner intensifies an exercise session and helps you keep going for longer periods of time.

  • Yes, your girl will hold you more accountable to show up.

If you decide to skip the gym for a happy hour (which is sometimes needed), but routinely who cares if you miss one or two workouts? You will make it back to the gym eventually, then eventually turns into weeks and weeks turn into months. Scheduling gym dates keep you in the gym because you feel more responsibility to show up when you are meeting someone else.

  • Workouts will be more fun and enjoyable.

It's simple, workouts are way more fun with a friend! You grind together, laugh, sweat, and it makes the perfect girl time.

  • You’ll be more open to variations of exercise.

Working out alone usually influences you to stick to your comfort zone and the same exercise moves you are good at. A workout partner can help push you out of that comfort zone by trying new moves, forms, intensities, and different types of workouts altogether.

  • You are more committed.

Setting goals together with your workout partner, you are more likely to stay committed and in the game. You two are daily reminders of why you started!!

  • You’ll always have your ego in check.

We see one cut in our abs and want to think we are done. Once you see the results, you might have a tendency to slump back from your routine but your workout partner will be the one to help you stay grounded and focused on your goals.


I talk about accountability partners, mainly as a girlfriend. But significant others also make the perfect accountability partner and builds relationships. Also, that accountability partner could be in a different city but with group text, social media, and smartphones you can still utilize each other the same motivating ways.

If you are a VINO Beauty with access to The 21 Day Challenge be sure you staying active in the Challenge's Facebook Group and whomever that person is with like goals and motivation. Try to start scheduling workouts today.

Seriously, the biggest game changer to your current regimen is finding that accountability partner.

Til Next Time.

XO Tyra