Free Workout : Total Body Workout


Hey Beauties! The workout below is a total body workout that you can do at the gym, home, and even you busy beauties on the road. This can also be done in the hotel room or fitness center. 

No excuses, here we go.

Try ONE of EACH move.

3-4 Rounds Total 😉



  1. Start in PLANK POSITION on an ELEVATED surface or a mat.

  2. BEND ARMS to drop chest to floor and PUSH UP to perform a single push-u. Then PULL right arm up and over to flip chest to sky, weight on your heels.

  3. BEND elbows to a tricep dip. Then pull LEFT arm over up and over to flip chest down for a second push-up.

Perform 10 reps. 



  1. Start RIGHT FOOT ELEVATED on bench or box, shift weight to your RIGHT FOOT as you STEP or PUSH your full body up.

  2. Immediately RETURN to starting position.

Perform 10 reps

Repeat on opposite side. 




  1. Start with WIDE STANCE SQUAT, with weight in heels.

  2. Bring right foot behind left foot and bend your right knee to perform a CURTSY LUNGE.

  3. Back to starting position.

  4. Repeat on opposite side, and immediately perform a JUMP SQUAT to complete ONE REP. 

Perform 10 reps of each move

See you guys soon!

In health,



Here is the full video. If you want to here some Beyonce