Perks of Protein Intake



The first two questions I ask a client is:

 “How much water are you drinking?”


“How much protein are you taking in?”


The water topic deserves its own post, as this post is about the perks of protein. Whether you are maintaining a slim physique, shooting to lose pounds, looking to build a nice ass, or working to build muscle, protein is a must. The amount and type of protein vary depending on the look you're going for. But if you're working out, running, cycling, or lifting any type of weights with fit goals in mind...I'm telling you, proper protein will change your life. 


After I get a questionable look from the client, the next question typically is….

“Will I be bulky?”


Bulking up and protein intake is one of the noisiest topics men talk about. But mind you, protein is not only a topic for men. Protein is also essential in women’s diet just as much as it is to men. The Institute of Medicine suggests the (RDA) recommended dietary allowance of protein for women is 46-71 grams of protein daily. This varies based on weight and activity but, on average we need 0.8 grams of protein per kg. of body weight to prevent deficiency and promote good health and maintenance. Most women miss this important factor in their diets because they believe protein will only give them large muscles, making them feel big and bulky. Women don't realize that the lean, toned, tight and feminine look that they want, will need protein. 


So, what's really the perk of including protein in our diet?


Protein helps dramatically in weight loss! Look at the numbers: our body burns 25 to 30 calories just to digest every 100 calories of protein intake, requiring more energy or more calories burned. Protein also takes longer to break down than carbohydrates and fats so we feel fuller longer and save the coins at the bottom of our purse by avoiding the urge to hit the nearest vending machine.


Amino Acids in Protein


Our body needs all sorts of nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Ironically, our body cannot manufacture some of these amino acids on its own. Protein plays an important role as they carry many essential amino acids. Amino Acids are good for our muscles, bones, skin and even hair. 

Protein is also known to be the holy grail for building lean muscle and healthy bones. Every time we work out, we need protein to repair and heal our damaged tissues. Proteins assist with replenishing our energy, along with building lean and stronger muscles. In addition, the rate of muscle development in women is slower than men, due to the lower testosterone levels in the body. Therefore, if you are wondering that eating more protein will make you bulky and ripped in such a short period of time, it is unlikely. It takes hours, days, months to put on true muscle size, look at how hard body builders work and I speak from experience.  It takes time, large amounts of protein / carb combinations, and heavy lifting to get that muscle size.

Every time you break a sweat, replenish. The protein will not only help you recover faster, but it will also boost your immune system. One of the major perks of protein is that it will help you replace unhealthy body fat by building sexy lean muscles.


Protein Supplements (Shakes, Whey Powder, Etc)


I do recommend getting your protein from real food sources (fish, chicken, etc). However, in order to get enough protein without excess calories, we must supplement. Protein supplements are everywhere and you can't go wrong with whey protein powders, shakes, and there are great plant-based proteins available as well. Just make sure you watch sugar and calorie content in the serving sizes, as all protein shakes aren't the best for you. :-)

I hope after this quick read, you beauties will shoot to include more in your daily meals!  Below are a few samples of proteins that may be of good use for you to try out! Good news is, most of this can also be bought on Amazon and Amazon Prime!

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